Posted on May 5, 2016

I’ve been a bit quiet here for a while. That’s because I’ve been working hard on a new system written, of course, in Laravel.

Check out BundleRabbit.com

I went live with the first ebook bundle on April 15th. Now, less than a month later, over 200 users have uploaded almost 300 ebooks.

BundleRabbit lets readers save money by buying ebooks in bundles.

It helps authors promote themselves by creating DIY bundles.

I think it’s pretty cool.

For example, check out the Chills, Thrills and Spills Bundle. It’s just one of three bundles running right now.

These are all community created bundles. So far only fiction bundles have been created, but I can see non-fiction, comic and graphic novel bundles, audio book bundles, and maybe some day game bundles.

Here’s the info for authors.

Here’s the info for curators. (Those who build bundles.)

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